My name is Amanda Vella; writer, yoga student and teacher, mother, friend, sister, lover coming to you live from the anahata chakra (that’s Sanskrit for ‘heart centre’). I’m married with one daughter and another on the way. I live in Sydney where I work as a school teacher, freelance writer and yoga teacher.

I started this blog because:

  • My head space gets crowded with stuff I would like to share
  • I crave community and am inspired by the capacity of social media to bring people together

My biggest loves are:

  • Yoga because it’s the only thing in the world that makes perfect sense to me
  • My daughter Jordi because she is heaven-sent, divinely beautiful, very funny and she looks after me
  • My husband Ian because even though he is messy he is also uncomplicated, wonderful to talk to and he makes me tea every morning
  • My family and friends because they are crazy and I wouldn’t have them any other way
  • Books, beaches and mountains because they make me feel alive

My biggest challenges include: finding balance, being patient and saying no to cheese and chocolate.

My blog is about living life authentically. It’s about inspiring people making their dreams come true. It’s about having the courage to work hard and make a difference in your life and the lives of others. My blog is a celebration of healthy bodies, sharp minds and open hearts.

Practicing yoga is what keeps my body healthy, my mind sharp and my heart open.  It fuels my body, boosts my creativity and injects me with love so it is naturally infused in my writing!

Thank you for visiting my blog. Connect with me; let me know what you think.


Yogi On A Mountain, Blue Mountains NSW


One thought on “About

  1. Great article Amanda, this picture of you brought a smile to my face as I recalled you used to sit like this throughout primary and high school! Destined to be a yogi hey?
    all the best- Dus

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